Robber Coverage- Get 9 in the Box

In 2010 when I started at Hough High School (Cornelius, NC) I learned robber coverage from my good friend our DB Coach- Chachi Sullivan, former South Carolina State Defensive Coordinator now South Alabama Safeties Coach- Mike Adams and also former South Carolina State DB Coach and now Citadel DEF Pass Game Coordinator/ Safeties Coach- Joel Taylor I learned a lot … Continue reading Robber Coverage- Get 9 in the Box


Cover 2 Trap Blitzing

I like being able to send pressure when I feel like it is needed. One of the biggest problems with blitzing is the high risk high reward that comes with it.  There are plenty of "passive pressures" as I like to call them and cover 2 trap blitzing is definitely on way to do it. When … Continue reading Cover 2 Trap Blitzing

Bringing Pressure with Cornerback Blitz

One of my favorite ways to bring pressure is with a cornerback blitz versus certain offensive formations. Cornerback blitzes can be a great versus certain run plays as well. This post I’m focusing on cornerback blitz versus the pass against 3x1 formations that I have used. I started to run this cornerback blitz due to … Continue reading Bringing Pressure with Cornerback Blitz