Name:  Jamelle Byrd

  • Experience:  9 years
  • Current Position: Defensive Coordinator/ Linebackers for West Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC
  • Basic Info: Straight up football junkie. Always looking for new football resources to help advance coaching and schematic knowledge. I have very extensive Hudl knowledge. I love using the game of football to grow young men into productive respectful grown men, by teaching respect, hard work and accountability.

Coaching History:
– 2009                  West Meck HS             (Linebackers)-  
We ran the 4-4 defense and based out of cover 3

– 2010-2011        W.A. Hough HS          (Linebackers)-  
We opened a brand new school in Cornelius, NC and we ran a combination of 3-3-5 and 4-2-5 we based out of cover 3

-2012-2014         W.A. Hough HS           (DC/ LB’s)- 
      I was promoted to defensive coordinator and we stuck with 4-2-5 but we made some tweaks and ran exclusively cover 4 pattern match aka quarters match as our base coverage

– 2015- 2016       Harding HS                  (DC/ LB’s)        In 2015 we ran a 3-4 two gap scheme with cover 3 as our base. In 2016 We have switched to the 4-2-5 with Cover 3 and Cover 1 as our base.

-2017-Present      West Meck HS              (DC/LB’s)        We are a 4-2-5 defense and playing 1 high and 2 high coverages. Also use 3-3-5 as our nickel and dime package


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