Bringing Pressure with Cornerback Blitz

One of my favorite ways to bring pressure is with a cornerback blitz versus certain offensive formations. Cornerback blitzes can be a great versus certain run plays as well. This post I’m focusing on cornerback blitz versus the pass against 3×1 formations that I have used.

I started to run this cornerback blitz due to issue with trying to contain the quarterback on sprint out plays. We faced a few teams who set the running back to the trips side and have him set the edge on sprint out plays. The way I have ran it is below (DIAGRAM #1)
CB Blitz

We still like bringing pressure from the trips side versus sprint out as well because pressure from trips side can disrupts the sprint out action before it starts usually and get the quarterback to make his decision to throw or run even faster. However when we bring the cornerback from the single WR side. We have had him come unblock most times.

I like bringing pressure from the look of having both defensive tackles in head up 2 techniques. It makes the offensive line play more of a guessing game with their protection because they don’t know right away who is rushing where. I like slanting the defensive line away from blitzing corner because It helps our d-line versus the sprint out and it helps occupy the tackle to keep the cornerback clean on the blitz.

When you send pressure it doesn’t have to always be a sack or turnover. If you make the QB throw a bad pass or get rid of the ball fast that’s a win in my book. Also in my experience high school QB’s start to sense the pressure way faster and now we’re in his head. Hope you enjoyed this short post.


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